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Wonder Valley

What are the right questions to ask when seeking out the true spirit of a nation?

In November 2017 the people of Zimbabwe took to the streets in an unprecedented alliance with the military. Their goal, to restore the legacy of Chimurenga, the liberation struggle, and wrest their country back from over thirty years of Robert Mugabe’s rule.

In an essay that combines bold reportage, memoir and critical analysis, Zimbabwean novelist and journalist Panashe Chigumadzi reflects on the ‘coup that was not a coup’, the telling of history and manipulation of time and the ancestral spirts of two women – her own grandmother and Mbuya Nehanda, the grandmother of the nation.

These Bones Will Rise Again is the first publication in The Indigo Press's Mood Indigo series - in which leading writers reflect on the pressing social and political issues of our time. 


Wonder Valley

Ivy Pochoda

20 September 2018

The lives of six characters entwine in contemporary Los Angeles in a spellbinding thriller: a 2017 LA Times Best Fiction Pick and NPR Best Book of the Year

During a typically crowded morning commute, a naked runner is dodging between the stalled cars.  The strange sight makes the local news and captures the imaginations of a stunning cast of misfits and lost souls.

There's Ren, just out of juvie, who travels to LA in search of his mother. There's Owen and James, teenage twins who live in a desert commune, where their father, a self-proclaimed healer, holds a powerful sway over his disciples. There's Britt, who shows up at the commune harbouring a dark secret. There's Tony, a bored and unhappy lawyer who is inspired by the runner. And there's Blake, a drifter hiding in the desert, doing his best to fight off his most violent instincts. 

Wonder Valley is a swirling mix of angst, violence, heartache, and yearning—a masterful psychological thriller by a writer on the rise.

'Destined to be a classic L.A. novel.' 

Michael Connelly

'Wonder Valley is a panorama of despair and yearning, shifting between timelines and locations in its portrait of individuals bound by the desire to escape, forget, and reinvent.'  

Entertainment Weekly


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Wonder Valley